Songs of Farewell

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Parry: Songs of Farewell/Vaughan Williams, etc. (Guild)

Recorded: Rosslyn Hill Chapel, London
February 1997 © 1997

Track list

Mass in G minor – Ralph Vaughan Williams 

1. Kyrie
2. Gloria in Excelsis
3. Credo 
4. Sanctus – Osanna I 
5. Benedictus – Osanna II 
6. Agnus Dei 

7. Frank Bridge 
A Prayer

Songs of farewell – Sir Charles H Parry

8. My Soul There is a Country 
9. I Know, my Soul Hath Power 
10. Never Weather, Beaten Sai 
11. There is an Old Belief 
12. At the Round Earth’s Imagined Corners 
13. Lord, Let Me Know Thine End

Album Reviews

“A splendid collection of fine English choral music superbly sung by Jeremy Backhouse’s Vasari Singers.” BBC Music Magazine

“This disc should be a best seller and has rarely been out of my CD player!” Cathedral Music

“What you do get from the Vasari Singers is a performance that has passion and integrity in equal measure. And for that reason, and for its controlled joie do vivre, it’s a recording that bears repeated listening.” BBC Radio Three

© Jeremy Backhouse